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Characteristics of Powder Metallurgy Technology

◆ Materials, material utilization is high;

◆ Energy saving, low energy consumption;

◆ Suitable for mass production, the greater the production, the lower the production cost;

◆ You can use the function of parts, configure the appropriate material composition;

◆ Complex shapes can be easily molded;

◆ There is no release, no harm to the environment;

◆ Has a high surface finish;

◆ Product dimensions are accurate, repeatable, and reliable;

◆ Is a forming process that is close to the final shape;

◆ With self-lubricating properties

Product design method

◆ Understand the performance requirements of the product;

◆ Estimate the initial shape of the product;

◆ Comparison of the various materials available;

◆ Comparison of the various options available;

◆ Determine the product shape and size;

◆ Identify materials and processes;

◆ Mold design

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